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Is the current state of your software architecture limiting its performance and scalability? It's time to re-architect your legacy applications to make them relevant for futuristic development. Get access to our software re-architecting services to unlock enhanced development capabilities, scalability, and performance.

What We offer
  • Time and money savings on infrastructure
  • Improved scalability & interoperability
  • Higher performance & reliability
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Legacy Re-Architecting Is Needed When

Slow Performance


Your Software Cannot Withstand the Load and constantly fails to process multiple requests together.

Costly Hardware


Applications running on legacy hardware-based infrastructure are costly compared to the cloud.

Old Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Your software uses technologies that are no longer in use & pose security, compatibility, and scalability issues.

Hinder Growth


Legacy software architecture is not scalable and does not support third-party integrations.

How is Software Rearchitecting different from  Refactoring & Rewriting?

CodeComplete RewritingMinor ChangesModerate changes
FunctionalityNewCode functionality sameCan stay same or change (depends on need)
IntegrationCustom code for integrationscomplexExternal & internal services integration
System StabilityDepends on codeLowerHigher

What do we Evaluate before Software Re-architecting?


Software architecture & security


Identify specific Problems to Resolve


Choose suitable Cloud Environment


Prepare software for scaling

Want to Re Architect your Legacy Software?

Avail of our Legacy System Architecture Improvement Services to make your software more flexible & scalable for rapid business growth.

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Why Choose Us


Technology Competency

Software re-architecting requires deep knowledge of development technologies. Our team has that mastery combined with experience.


Minimal Expenses

We ensure minimal disruption & cost investments in Legacy System Architecture Improvement services.


Faster Time-to-market

We follow a predefined plan and divide the re-architecting and app release in phases for quick delivery.


Continuous Support

Your software needs constant monitoring and maintenance after re-architecting. We are there for continuous support.


Quality Driven approach

We always choose the right technology while following the best practices to deliver the quality software re-architecting services.


Expert Software Engineers

Hire Expert software engineers to get the maximum returns out of your legacy software modernization.

Other Modernization Services

Software Audit & Assessment

Audit & Assessment


Want a detailed audit for your legacy software? Avail of the software audit and assessment services of Legacy Transform to identify and detect the loopholes in your applications. We help you detect & resolve the issues like potential security risks, outdated licenses and technologies.

What are the benefits:

  • Timely Risk Identification
  • List potential improvements
  • Enhancing Application Value
Legacy App Upgrade

Legacy App Upgrade


How long has it been? Have you upgraded your legacy applications? Upgrading your applications keeps them secure and less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Get access to our legacy app upgrade services to improve the performance of your legacy applications.

What are the benefits:

  • Increased Performance
  • Faster Development
  • Improved User Experiences
Desktop to Web App Migration

Desktop to Web App Migration


We help businesses relocate their business applications to a more flexible and scalable environment. With our desktop-to-web application migration services, we renew the technology stack to make the applications mobile-friendly and compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

What are the benefits:

  • Higher Processing Speeds
  • Improved Flexibility
  • More Security & Scalability
Cloud Migration



Migrating to the cloud is the need of the hour; thus, all companies plan to migrate to the cloud. We leverage our years of expertise and experience to make challenging cloud migration seamless and hassle-free for clients. We help you get the maximum benefits of the cloud platform.

We Check For

  • Cost-efficient Maintenance
  • Data Access Control
  • Automatic Software Upgrades
API Integrations



API Integration is the most feasible option for application modernization where common development practices are not possible. We develop custom APIs to integrate your legacy applications with modern and cloud apps.

What are the benefits:

  • Quick Growth and Scalability
  • Infrastructure Compatible with Current Business Needs
  • Cost-effective
Software Re-engineering



When is the right time to renew the software? There's no right answer. On one hand, legacy software is critical for daily business operations. On the other hand, it incurs unjustifiable expenses, which presents a dilemma to the company stakeholders. A foundation for making decisions about this issue can be

We Check For

  • Security Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Poor Programming Practices
  • Room For Improvement

Software Re-architecting Benefits

Reduced costs


Software rearchitecting reduces total cost through cloud migration & loosely coupled structure compared to monolith legacy architecture.

Enhanced business agility

Enhanced businessagility

Re-architecting the app to a microservices structure makes it easy to add new features as per market demand.

Better Security monitoring

Better Securitymonitoring

Re-architecting makes security monitoring easier with the integration of cloud security monitoring tools.

Improved Scalability


Re-architecting makes scaling easier without disrupting the app by breaking the app into independent services.

Integration of DevOps

Integration ofDevOps

Integrating DevOps practices with a microservices architecture with independant is easy for faster time-to-market.

Application Resilience


Re-architecting into a decoupled structure makes the software resilient. The software can recover failed services without affecting the entire app.

Software Re-architecting Process

Assessing the Current System

Assessing the Current System

Identify problem areas in the existing architecture & ways to resolve them.



Plan the re-architecting process for minimal errors & business disruption.

Transitional Architecture

Transitional Architecture

Build a temporary architecture for use in case of extreme changes.

Release the Pilot

Release the Pilot

Before releasing the final architecture, we roll out a pilot.

Implement the System

Implement the System

We fix bugs identified in the pilot & implement the new system.

Maintain the System

Maintain the System

We support the maintenance of the re-architected system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software re-architecting is restructuring an existing software system. It becomes necessary when the current architecture cannot meet the evolving needs of the application, resulting in limitations or inefficiencies. Legacy software re-architecture services improve software performance and scalability.

Signs suggesting the need for software re-architecting include frequent system crashes, slow performance, difficulty implementing new features, poor scalability, high maintenance costs, security vulnerabilities, and an outdated technology stack.

The duration of software re-architecting depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of the existing system, the desired architecture, the availability of resources, etc. It can range from a few weeks for smaller applications to several months or more for larger systems.

The risks include potential disruptions to the existing system, challenges in integrating new components or technologies, data loss or corruption if not handled properly, and possible delays in project timelines.

We conduct a detailed analysis of the existing system, including its strengths, weaknesses, and future requirements. It includes evaluating scalability needs, performance bottlenecks, security concerns, and technology advancements. Our software engineering experts conduct thorough feasibility studies to identify the most suitable architecture.

Software re-architecting can be done incrementally by refactoring or replacing individual components, gradually migrating to a new architecture. It can also involve a complete overhaul of the system. The chosen approach depends on project timelines, budget, and the level of disruption the organization can tolerate.

Yes. We offer post implementation support to run your modernized software smoothly.

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Secure and Confidential100% Secure and Confidential.