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Legacy Web App Migration & Mobile App Porting Services

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System Upgrade & Support

System Upgrade& Support

Aiming to upgrade your existing software systems with the latest technology? We offer 100% support for legacy systems upgrade with the latest design, features, databases, and operating systems.

Legacy App Modernization

Legacy AppModernization

Legacy app modernization services include upgrading app frameworks and libraries for improved speed and performance. We focus on making your apps more secure, user-friendly, and compatible.

Mobile App Porting

Mobile AppPorting

Expand your business reach by migrating to the platform of your choice, be it iOS, Android, hybrid, or desktop. Capitalize on the new platform with our mobile app porting services.

Custom App Development

Custom AppDevelopment

Get the most premium custom app development services in your budget. Build native or hybrid mobile applications tailored to your business with the top custom app development company.

Reduce Risks With Legacy Transform CS  Migration & Modernization

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

We implement built-in cloud-based security measures to reduce security & disruption risks. Cloud-based security facilitates automated business operations and centralized workflow.

Enhance Performance

Enhance Performance

We offer legacy migration & modernization services that include integrating modern technology into legacy software. Advanced technology enhances app performance and makes it future-relevant.

Save Costs

Save Costs

With Legacy migration services, businesses can migrate to modern technologies and languages. Thus, they can save costs on maintaining old systems, hardware, and languages.

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Legacy  Modernization Services

Legacy Software Re-engineering

Legacy Software

We use your legacy application as a basis to build new and updated software with identical yet improved features. We optimize your software architecture, reorganize the database, and give it a brand-new look.

Desktop to Web or Mobile Apps

Desktop to Web
or Mobile Apps

Want to relocate your desktop apps to the web or mobile? Migrate to a more stable and profitable platform with our desktop to web or mobile app migration services for a more scalable solution for your business.

Software System Audit

Software System

How to figure out the right time to renew your software? Get access to our legacy software audit and assessment services to avoid unnecessary expenses in maintaining legacy software.

Digital Transformation With API integrations

Digital Transformation
With API integrations

API integration is the best approach to modernize legacy systems without changing the codes and infrastructure. Connect your legacy systems to modern systems with API integrations to bring about a digital transformation.

How Beneficial legacy Application
Migration is for your business?

Improved App Performance

Improved App Performance

Enhanced Security & Scalability

Enhanced Security & Scalability

Better Integration With Other App Ecosystems

Better Integration With Other App Ecosystems

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Generate Higher Returns

Generate Higher Returns

Streamlined Business Operations

Streamlined Business Operations

Scale Your Software

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Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Solve specific business problems for seamless growth with custom legacy modernization services.

Scalability & Reliability

Scalability & Reliability

Enhanced scalability and reliability of the software, making it relevant and compatible with the latest technologies.

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Technologies We Migration & Software

Ready to revamp to a more modern technology?

Get in touch with Legacy Transform, experts in end-to-end legacy modernization services. Strengthen your market position and 2X your business growth with the top legacy modernization company.

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Why Choose Us For Your Legacy Migration Solution?

  • 01

    Legacy of Trust

    Legacy Transform has been a top custom software development company for the past 7 years with a team of 100+ expert developers. With 250+ satisfied clients, we work daily to increase this count and standard too.

  • 02

    Expertise and Experience

    Our team of web and mobile app developers are highly experienced in migrating and modernizing legacy software and applications to the latest technologies. Avail of our expertise.

  • 03

    Tech Savvy Team

    The web and mobile app developers at Legacy Transform are tech-savvy holding extensive knowledge in languages like C#, C, .Net, etc. Thus, we understand legacy systems well and port them to new ones.

What Makes Us  Stand Out?

Creators & Innovators

Creators &Innovators

We consistently innovate with advanced technologies to deliver solutions beyond expectations. Legacy modernization is a part of it.

Passionate Doers


Our Mobile app developers are highly passionate about their work and the commitments that we make to our clients.

Transparent Conduct


Transparency in work, prices, and client relations is something that we follow, and we only say what we deliver. No Boasting.

Client Satisfaction


Client satisfaction is always the top priority for us. They are the real partners in our success; thus we care for their growth & success.

Our Recent Work

Injury form approval process

Injury form approval process

A solution in a form of a Canvas app which enables the users to share their injuries that can be covered up with the insurance being provided by the organization with a complex approval structure for the organization covering all the facets for the approval, its not complex for the user though.

Powerapps Canvas App,  Dataverse,  PowerAutomate,  Azure Blob Storage,  Rest API

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Concerned about your legacy software expenses?

Contact Legacy Transform for remote legacy modernization and migration services and forget unwanted cost, maintenance, and glitches. Switch to a modern and more profitable technology with the best legacy software modernization company.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated Team
  • Manage Delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many factors that you can consider, including applications running slow with many errors and security patches, unwanted expenses in maintaining the legacy applications, etc. If you face any such issue, then it's high time you look for legacy software modernization services.

Legacy migration brings several benefits, some of these include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced security
  • Use of latest and updated systems and technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased flexibility

The entire Legacy migration process can occur within 3 to 5 business days. However, it depends on the requirements of the existing system.

The cost depends on your app type, the languages, and the technology of your application. Contact us to get a quote for your project

Yes, of course. You can send us your requirements and we will provide you with a list of Legacy Migration experts. You can pick the best of them.

No. We ensure to migrate and modernize your legacy apps in the minimal time possible.

Yes. We offer complete support and maintenance services after the transfer of legacy applications.

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